Water loss from your pond

Water loss from your pond

The weather forecast for next week is HOT! Watch out for water loss from your pond or container pond due to evaporation.

In normal summer months the effect of the sun can cause around 2 to 3 cm of water loss from your pond in a week. Next week this could be 5cm or more.

You need to check for water loss and top up your pond:

  • ideally use rainwater from a water butt to avoid adding surplus nutrients or chlorine to the pond water.
  • if you have to use tap water add Chlorine Guard (use Chlorine Guard every time you add tap water to the pond).
  • water loss will cause distress to fish in your pond
  • wildlife in the top shelf area will become exposed to predators as the water level falls
  • water plants on the pond shelf will suffer or die if their roots cannot reach water
  • pond liners will be exposed to strong sunlight and be more at risk of splitting

Other hot weather issues:

  • Water features and filters may block up with excess algae/blanketweed growing faster in the heat.
  • Your pipework can spring a leak - particularly if it has been exposed to the sun and is not made from uv stabilised material.
  • Pets trying to drink from the pond can tear the liner.
  • If you can find the hole you can use a patch of liner fixed with a  waterproof adhesive.


  • Treat the pond more frequently in hot weather with liquid Barley Bio algae control.
  • Make sure your Barleystraw minibale is still active and not going black quicker than usual in the heat. If it is then remove it, add a new one and back up the minibale treatment in the short term with Barley Bio during the heat wave.
  • Clean the filter and pump more frequently in old pond water to keep all your beneficial bacteria.
  • Add more waterlilies to your pond so their leaves cover more of the surface area of the water and shade it from the sun's heat.