Best pond plants for small ponds

Best pond plants for small ponds

Best small pond plants to give seasonal variety in a wildlife pond:

Choose from this list of small pond plants for a Mainly British Native plants scheme in a small wildlife pond.

For a small pond 2-4m2 ie. 1mx2m or 2mx2m in size choose:

6 submerged oxygenating plants, 6 plants in 11cm mesh baskets and 2 pond plants in 9cm mesh baskets. For surface cover add a Nymphaea odorata alba and a Aponogeton distachyos.

Choose small pond plants for a 1-1.9m surface area pond :

2 oxygenating plants, 4 of the 11cm mesh basket pond plants and 2 of the 9cm mesh basket pond plants. For surface cover for slightly deeper water go for a dwarf waterlily like candida in white or Xia Fei in red.

For a container patio pond or Butlers sink pond less than 1m2 choose:

1 oxygenating plant and 4 other plants with at least 1 in 11cm Mesh basket and 1 in 9cm Mesh basket. In a sunny site use a Miniature waterlily.

If you cannot decide then use our Pond Planting Schemes 1 or 2 or our Container pond planting Schemes all found on the Planting Schemes page.

All our plants (other than the bareroot oxygenating plants that you drop into the water to find their own depth) are sent from us already rooted in the mesh basket and correct aquatic soil so that you can place them immediately into your pond or water feature. You do not need to buy baskets or aquatic soil.