container pond in Pearl Copper

Order Container ponds as Christmas gifts now so we can ensure that your choice of size and fibreglass finish will be ready in time for you (or for a loved one!).

We are low on stock on some colours due to the popularity of these lightweight fibreglass ponds this year so early ordering is recommended.

Always let us know in General Comments as you go through Checkout if you want the delivery delayed until nearer Christmas. We do have most size/colour combinations in stock and could send too early if we are not aware it is a Christmas gift.

You could give the pond itself as the surprise gift this Christmas and then in Spring they could choose the plant selection and purchase the plant support grid and Extract of Barleystraw that they preferred.

Place the container pond outside in its chosen position during Winter and collect rainwater – saving the need to use tap water – always the best plan.

Or we can send out Gift Vouchers for Xmas and your loved one can choose their favourite finish from our range for delivery in the Spring – complete with the plants and accessories they need.

For more information on our Container ponds please see our Tips and Advice pages.