Cover for a wildlife habitat in & near the pond

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Coverage plants to create a wildlife pond habitat:

  • Should include both the pond water area and the planted areas around the outside of the pond.

1. Deep water plants to provide cover:

  • Oxygenating plants will increase in volume in the warmer summer months and should be allowed to fill 30% of the volume of the pond.
  • This gives places for young amphibians to hide in different depth zones of water as they grow and mature.

2. Surface pond cover plants:

3. Cover from shelf plants:

  • Plant growth on the shelf areas of the pond will give protection later in Summer as the young amphibians leave for the first time.
  • Grow Veronica beccabunga and Myosotis scorpioides for the smaller pond or Mentha aquatica for a larger pond.
  • Emergent pond plants like Iris whose rhizomes walk out into the water make the transition between water and land smoother.

4. Cover outside the pond:

Try these plants for moist soil to make a wildlife habitat around the pond :