Fibreglass container ponds

Fibreglass container ponds

Add more water to your garden using a fibreglass container pond:

The benefits of water for wildlife has been mentioned again on gardening programmes on TV recently.

Easily add more water to a garden space with an instant mini pond - a fibreglass container pond. Even good for a balcony!

You, too, could have one in your garden this Summer! You cannot have too many areas of water around your garden space.

Our lightweight fibreglass container ponds for "ponds in pots" are ideal because:

  • No holes to dig (they are not buried in the ground)
  • Do not have a drainage hole.
  • They do not need painting with a sealant or lining as fibreglass is not porous.
  • Will not deteriorate with age or crack in Winter cold like wood or pottery.
  • Quickly place on the patio, balcony or roof area to create a mini-pond water feature.
  • Or easily add them to a different part of the garden to your main pond.

Available in:

  • 3 different sizes (60cm, 80cm and 98cm diameter).
  • 17 different colours to choose from - 15 finishes are polished gloss.
  • Metallic colours are popular at the moment.
  • Limestone - is a matt, textured stone-look that will age like real stone.
  • Rust - also a textured finish & is right on trend
  • 6 - 8 week delay for the size & colour combinations that are out of stock and made for you (which includes all 98cm containers).

We do carry some 60 & 80cm container ponds in stock so look at our Current Availability Blog Post. See if your chosen colour/size combination is in stock for immediate despatch.

Our Support grid system is included in our 60 & 80cm container pond kit :

  • These create a shelf in our fibreglass container ponds - saves putting bricks in that take up water volume.
  • We supply aquatic plants in baskets that locate into the grid so they do not blow over in the wind.
  • The shelf fits in the correct place in our containers so the basket tops are approx 2cm/1" below water surface level.
  • No grid supplied for the 98cm container pond.

Planting a container pond:

  • Choose one of our 12 prepared planting schemes A-K and 2x British Native only: 6 for 60cm wide, 6 for 80cm wide.
  • Some Container pond planting schemes chosen for sun and some for shaded areas.
  • Encourage pollinating insects like bees and butterflies
  • Bees like to drink from shallow water so a container pond provides 2 ways of benefiting the bees visiting your garden. Plants to pollinate and a drink
  • Plant the 98cm container pond with Pond waterlilies placed on the base of the container and oxygenating plants.

Pond Revive: used to kickstart the bacterial balance of your container pond.

Barley Bio Algae Control: we recommend you use this weekly in warm weather to help keep the water clean.

Chlorine Guard: recommended if you have to use tap water to fill or top up your container pond.

We always encourage gardeners to add water to any garden space, however small.

The more the merrier & we can all encourage more wildlife to visit.

For more details please read our Tips and Advice: 'How to add a container pond to your garden'