How to position the plants in the container pond

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Use the support ring as a shelf  to position the plant baskets in the container pond:

  • You need some form of shelving to position the plants in the container pond at the correct depth.
  • For our round bowl shaped fibreglass containers in 60 & 80 cm we include a specially designed Plant Support Ring
  • This ring sits in the container so that the rim of the basket and the crown of the plant are situated approx 5cm (1" - 2") below the water surface.

Position the plants in an 60cm container pond:

  • Place any pygmaea or miniature waterlily on the container base and the leaves will grow up through the ring to the surface.
  • Place the waterlily in the container before installing the support ring
  • Add the oxygenating plants to the water
  • Add Plant Support Ring
  • Locate the 11cm plant baskets in the squared grid of the Plant support ring
  • The basket bottom will be approx 2cm(1") below the support grid
  • Basket will be firmly located and tall plants will not blow over in the wind.
  • Smaller 9cm baskets will locate in the 'non-square' positions in the support ring.

Position the plants in an 80cm container pond:

  • Place a dwarf waterlily to sit on the base of the container below the support ring
  • Add oxygenating plants to the water
  • The 80cm container pond which has a Support Ring with extension bars attached with cable ties.
  • Put the support ring inside the container rim with the extension bars closed
  • Pull the 4 extension bars out sideways by 4cm (1 1/2") each to allow the ring to sit higher in the container. The extension bars run parallel to the support grid and are not legs.
  • When the ring is sited correctly the top of the plant basket located in it should be 5cm (2") below the expected water level.
  • Tighten the cable ties securely when in the correct position.

If you plan to use only waterlilies in your 60 or 80cm container pond you will not need the ring and can ask us not to send it with your container pond.

Planting a 98cm container pond:

  • This has no plant support ring to go with it.
  • We recommend you plant this bigger container pond with Pond waterlilies placed on the base of the container and oxygenating plants.

If you are using another container (not ours):

  • Any other container that you decide to use for a miniature patio pond will also need some form of 'engineering' to position the plants at their preferred depths. We can supply a round plant support mesh that may work for your container
  • The depth of the container may be wrong for the waterlily you want - check the depth of the container - the plant may need raising