Planting a new pond now with a Planting Scheme

Planting a new pond now with a Planting Scheme

Planting a new pond:

At the moment we have no Oxygenating Plants available individually on the website

But we can still send out our Planting Schemes with all the different types of plants you need to plant a new pond - including the oxygenating plants.

  • Set up a new pond and fill it now with rainwater.
  • Put some plants in your pond as soon as it is filled with water.
  • Ponds without plants can quickly become unbalanced.
  • Use a barley straw product - either Barleystraw minibales or Barley Bio Algae Control for the smaller pond.

For a new pond you need:

  • submerged oxygenating plants - easy planting -  bareroot portions or bunches dropped into the water to find their own way.
  •  Shelf Pond plants for the shelf or ledge areas. Pond plants have specific depth requirements and your shelf levels should be built into the shell of your pond. Most being Shelf options  <p>Suitable for shelf depth 13-15cm(5-6”) or waterlogged mud </p> <p>Suitable for shelf depth 14-22cm (approx 6-9”) below water surface</p>.
  • Waterlilies of various sizes of spread and depth are available from 12-30" (30-80cm) <p>Suitable for shelf depth 23-44cm (approx 10-17”) below water surface</p> <p>Suitable for shelf depth 45cm+ (approx 18”+) below water surface level</p>.

Prepared Planting Schemes:

Pond size in sq m Pond size in sq ft Go to Pond Scheme
1 - 2 9 - 20 size 1
2 - 3.9 21 - 41 size  2
4 - 6.9 43 - 65 size  3
7 - 14.9 75 - 160 size  4
15 - 25 162 - 236 size  5
Water surface area for each size Pond Planting Scheme.
  • If you have a new pond needing plants now - pick a Pond Planting Scheme.
  • Choose the correct Scheme for the surface area size of your pond and we will put together a pond planting starter kit that caters for all the different depth pond areas for you.
  • You can choose if we pick 'British Native', 'Mainly British Native' plants or 'Any plant' from our range at the moment.
  • It will include deep water oxygenating plants, deeper water surface cover plants (except Pond Planting Scheme 1) and marginal shelf plants.
  • These will meet a combination of wildlife needs - rafting plants across the water surface for newts and emergent, upright plants for dragonflies. Also flowers across the season for insect pollinators.

Plant now:

With our ready rooted pond plants we can send out by mail order most of the year. We only stop when the ice is on our troughs in the Nursery.

  • Our plants are already in their baskets - ready to move to your pond area now.
  • They have been outside in our Nursery troughs in Leicestershire.
  • The plants are rooted already but may not show shoot growth above the soil yet.
  • But there is no need to delay. If you plant now they will be in your local climate and able to grow in  Spring whenever that arrives in your area.
  • If you are still having cold Winter weather but would like to order now please tell us your preferred date of delivery in General Comments as you go through Checkout and that will supersede the automated date on your order confirmation.

For more information see our Tips and Advice pages: How to plant a pond