Setting up a new pond

Setting up a new pond

Setting up a new pond can be daunting if it is your first pond.

There are 2 ways you can do this - choose your own plants or pick one of our Pond Planting Schemes.

1. Types of plants you will need to include to set up correctly:

  • oxygenating plants
  • waterlilies and other surface-cover plants
  • upright plants for the shelves
  • rafting plants for the shelves

Purchase sufficient quantities of each type of plant by looking at the individual pages of the website and selecting the ones you like.

  • Oxygenating Plants should be planted at 2 portions per m2 of surface area
  • Waterlilies are chosen by the depth of water available
  • Shelf Plants are chosen by shelf depths available in your pond and as:
  • upright plants - stems and flowers rising up out of the water
  • rafting plants - horizontally growing along the water surface

2. Or use our Planting Schemes pageto get the right Starter Kit of plants from us:

We have already planned what plants you will need to set up each pond size.

All you need to know is the surface area of your pond.

Pond size in sq m Pond size in sq ft Go to Pond Scheme
1 - 2 9 - 20 size 1
2 - 3.9 21 - 41 size  2
4 - 6.9 43 - 65 size  3
7 - 14.9 75 - 160 size  4
15 - 25 162 - 236 size  5
Water surface area for each size of Pond Planting Scheme.
  • We select the number and choice of plants you need based on the size of your surface area.
  • We select the best combination of plants available to give a balanced selection for all depth areas of your water.
  • This includes interest in foliage and flower throughout the season.
  • We cover different wildlife habitats - rafting shelf plants for newts, upright shelf plants for dragonflies,  flowering plants for insect pollinators.

You can choose whether to have either:

  • 'Mainly British Native plants' - allows us to add some Non Natives to extend flower and interest
  • 'British Native plants only' - restricts the season of interest but is important to some customers
  • 'Any plant' in our range - allows more colour from waterlilies and flowers and can include British Native plants too
  • You can let us know in General Comments as you go through Checkout if you have specific colour or other requests to help us get it right for you.

Different size Pond Planting Schemes chosen, picked on the Nursery and ready to be packed & sent out to you

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