Video and Podcast about waterlilies

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Below you will find our waterlily tunnel Video & a podcast about waterlilies:

Here is the waterlilies section of our Video Tour of the Nursery in 2022.

In the video walk around the waterlily tunnel at the Nursery we show you the various sizes of waterlilies. We compare the size and colours of Miniature and Pond size waterlilies for you to see the scale difference. We also talk about the different depths of water that the different sizes of waterlily like.

The podcast is also featured with notes in our Blog post

Here is the link to the Sarah Raven podcast Episode 71:

'The Regal Beauty of Waterlilies' with Arthur Parkinson.

In the podcast we chat about the waterlilies he is so fond of and how they are best used in a pond.