Advice - your pond plants in Summer

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Pond Plants in Summer

1. Cut back the foliage of the Caltha family after flowering as it will turn grey with mildew or have brown spots. If you remove these leaves the plant will grow fresh leaves again this season and you may get a second flush of flowers.

2. Divide early flowering pond plants in Summer - like Caltha species.

3. In early Summer reduce the height of some of Lythrum salicaria stems to give a shorter thicker plant and you will have more flower shoots over a longer time.

4. Give flowering plants a Feed balls for Aquatic plants to boost flowering.

5. Divide large clumps of Iris after flowering. In hot weather cut down leaf height to 8 inches to save water.

6. Repot the rooted nodes of rafting plants into new baskets or back into their starting basket to thicken up their growth.