Your pond plants in Spring

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Pond plants in Spring will grow from below the water surface

If we have a warm sunny day and see the daffodils out it is easy to think that Spring has arrived and that the pond should be leaping into Spring mode too.

  • Pond plants are slower to respond to Spring warmth than other plants because the water around them remains cold for longer.
  • They will grow when the water warms.
  • They have not died over winter if they have been at the correct depth of water.

We have photographed some of our plants in the Nursery in mid March so that you can see how much growth can be expected on your pond plants in Spring when the water is still cold.

  • Alisma plantago aquatica is just sending out new leaf stems that are about 3" long and still below the water surface
  • Anemopsis californica has new leaf growth in red that stands about 3" tall at this time.
  • Butomus umbellatus shoots are smaller and just showing tips above the soil level but still below water level
  • Caltha palustris is showing leaves and some are starting to form buds down in the base of the plant but their height is no more than an inch or two
  • Different varieties of Iris develop at different rates. Iris versicolor already have the fan shape of leaf growth about 2" high
  • Iris pseudacorus may have less of a fan of growth but more height on each leaf showing (about 3").
  • Lythrum salicaria is showing the red bud shoots of new growth at the base of last year's old stems. No leaf or stem growth yet.
  • Mentha aquatica and Myosotis scorpioides are both regenerating from the old black stems of last year's growth. New growth is shooting with leaves about 1/4" wide at present. The stems will not be more than a couple of inches long at this stage.
  • Mentha cervina alba has many 1" shoots showing in the basket
  • Pontederia cordata has one shoot per basket about 3" tall
  • Ranunculus flammula is showing a mass of small leaves from a multi-headed plant in the basket
  • Rorippa nasturtium aquaticum is the fastest growing plant & is looking prolific already. Its trailing stems are 1- 2" long and starting to send side shoots across the water surface.

These plants will put on growth very quickly when the water warms. They have all the water and nutrient they could possibly want to respond fast to the sunshine.

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