How many waterlilies for my pond area?

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How many waterlilies will look balanced in your pond water area?

Waterlily spread:

This is the number of waterlilies you should consider for your pond size based on the coverage of each type. It is not how far each waterlily will spread but allows for free water around each plant.

Water depth:

Remember that the depth of water is vital to any waterlily and you need to follow the depth requirements of each waterlily type. Either Shelf depth <p>Suitable for shelf depth 14-22cm (approx 6-9”)</p> <p>Suitable for shelf depth 23-44cm (approx 10-17”)</p> or <p>Suitable for shelf depth 45cm+ (approx 18”+)</p>.

  • To position a miniature or dwarf waterlily with a small spread in a pond or container deeper than 25cm (10") you will need to place it on bricks or a basket full of gravel.
  • This is to raise it to the depth of water specified for 'above the top' of the basket.
  • A large waterlily in a shallower pond will reach its optimum size quicker than expected as it will grow well in the warmer shallow water and will spread wider.

To start a new waterlily in your pond:

  • Place it on a shallower depth shelf than its ultimate depth shelf for a Summer season.
  • Drop all waterlilies to at least 15cm/6" depth so they are below ice level in Autumn
  • This gives your pond a good area of leaf coverage in the short term.
  • When it is as wide as you want, drop it down to a deeper water depth that Autumn.
  • It will produce taller stems the next season that do not spread as wide across the surface.