Water in a container pond

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How you establish the water in a container pond will affect how the plants settle and how they grow in the future.

Water to fill a container pond:

  • Use rain water in your container pond.
  • Tap water contains various additions dependent on where you are in the Country - including chlorine or chloramines.
  • Reduce these before the plants are added by allowing the water to stand a week.
  • Or use Chlorine Guard - an eco-friendly liquid water treatment of the chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in tap water.
  • Use Chlorine Guard every time you top up your pond with tap water throughout the season.
  • Dose at 10ml every time you top up your container pond with tapwater.
  • Chlorine Guard is safe for plants, fish and wildlife.
  • Include sufficient oxygenating plants in your planting scheme for the size of the container pond so the water will remain fresh and not turn stagnant.

Inhibit algae growth:

  • Add Barley Bio Algae Control throughout the Spring and Summer to help inhibit algae growth.
  • A concentrated liquid water treatment of the barleystraw control used in larger ponds for many years.
  • Use the Barley Bio liquid before any problem is visible - prevention is better than cure so from 1st March onwards.
  • One 250ml bottle should last one season if you dose with 10ml fortnightly in Spring and Autumn and 10ml weekly in Summer when the water is warmest.
  • Stop adding Barley Bio Algae Control when the clocks change again in October.

Chemical water treatments:

  • Please do not use any chemical treatment for green algae or blanketweed.
  • These will inhibit the growth of your pond plants and make your container pond dependent on constant applications of that product.
  • You will have removed the colonies of beneficial bacteria.

Changing the water:

  • Avoid changing the water in your container pond.
  • You will be refilling with fresh water that will need to go through the maturing process again.
  • Avoid changing the water by maintaining your container pond in Autumn.
  • Cut back dying foliage and remove falling tree leaves.
  • If the water starts to turn green or grow algae or blanketweed then add Barley Bio Algae Control on a weekly basis and increase the dose rather than empty the container out to start again.