Edge the pond with stones that trap the liner to finish vertically:

  • Before adding rocks to the shelf area lay an off cut of liner on the shelf to protect it from damage.
  • Add the rocks or cobbles to trap the liner between them and the ground around the pond.
  • Hold the folds in place and the vertical upstand in position by piling the stones up against the rim.
  • Blend the hard landscaping from the shelf level and up and over the rim edge. The vertical liner should be covered and not seen
  • Water will fill halfway up the vertical liner upstand 
  • Leave pockets or gaps between the rocks to add baskets of suitable plants later
  • Plants will grow between or over the hard landscaping and soften the look.
  • When all the stone work is in there should be no slack in the liner and all folds should be weighted into position
  • Fill the top shelf with water to its planned level
  • Wait a few days to check your pond holds water and is not leaking
  • Trim off or dig the surplus liner behind/under the last row of stone 
  • The finished pond with all edges complete has no liner visible.
  • The stone forms the link between the water and the rest of the garden both visually and for the wildlife visitors
  •  Plants can then be added. Read our Tips and Advice on How to plant a pond