If you are unsure what to order then let us help with a prepared pond planting scheme.

If you order a pond planting scheme and we will send you a collection of aquatic pond plants already potted in their baskets so that you will receive a balanced combination of plants for a choice of shelf depths, choice of growth habits and seasonal interest along with bareroot oxygenating plants ready to drop straight into the water and waterlilies of the right scale for your pond size already rooted in a mesh basket.

Find the scheme nearest to your size of pond and then all you need to choose is whether you want ‘Mainly British Native plants’ or a selection from ‘Any in our range’. These will be more colourful than the British Native schemes including Iris available in purple or plum rather than the Native Yellow Flag Iris and waterlilies in red, pink or yellow rather than the Native white.

Our smallest scheme is aimed at enhancing a pond for wildlife visitors which does not contain a waterlily as this is always the single most expensive plant to purchase – a 1m2 area through to the largest scheme size 5 for a ‘field pond’ of 25m2.

Please read our blog post on Plants for bugs which shows RHS research finds that Non Native plants can extend the season of interest in the pond if carefully added to your pond plant mix.

Pond schemes    pond size Sq ft and (m2)      oxygenators shelf plants floating, rafting waterlily  
Pond Scheme size 1 Wildlife startup     9 sq ft


       2        4       3      0  
Pond Scheme size 2     21-41 sq ft       (2-3.9m2)        6        6      2      1  
Pond Scheme size 3

   43-65 ft2      (4-6.9 m2)

     12      12     2      2  
Pond Scheme size 4    75-160 ft2     (7-14.9m2)       18      18     6      3  
Pond Scheme size 5

   162-236ft2 (15-25m2)

    32     27    10      3  

See Planting Schemes for further details of the plants  that could be included in each of the different sizes and types of pond schemes above.