Organic blanketweed control in wildlife ponds

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 Barleystraw products as organic blanketweed control:

  • Available either as the straw itself or the liquid concentrate for a smaller water space.
  • You will also need the correct balance of planting too.
  • Avoid chemical products in the pond water as they can clear your pond of helpful enzymes and bacteria & leave the pond dependent on ongoing and regular, expensive chemical treatments.
  • Many products claim to kill blanketweed and algae - beware they could harm or inhibit the growth of your pond plants too.
  • They will kill the blanketweed and then reduce it to sludge on the pond base which gives out a nutrient high (like a compost) that will feed the next wave of blanketweed that will follow.
  • The chemical killer will not remove the residue from the pond or attempt to balance the pond ecosystem for the benefit of the wildlife like the organic blanketweed control methods will.

Also use Oxygenating plants to compete for the mineral salts at a rate of 2 portions per metre squared of surface area and surface cover pond plants to block out sunlight.