The natural, organic method of blanketweed control is to use Barleystraw products

These are available either as the straw itself or the liquid concentrate for a smaller water space. You will also need the correct balance of planting too.

Oxygenating plants to compete for the mineral salts and surface cover pond plants to block out sunlight are vital at a rate of 2 portions per metre squared of surface area.

Chemical products should be avoided in the pond water as they can clear your pond of helpful enzymes and bacteria leaving the pond dependent on ongoing and regular, expensive chemical treatments.

Microbial products as a safe, organic method of bringing pond water back into equilibrium

As well as barleystraw products there are also microbial products containing bacteria that are capable of biodegrading organic matter in the pond water to reduce algae, scum and odour. As the organic matter is biodegraded it rises to the surface of the water where it can be skimmed off with a net so leaving the water looking clearer. Safe for humans, animals and pond life.